Speaking Engagements


"You're so much more fun than other speakers we've had!"

---I'll take it.


So. Public speaking?

I wanted to learn to sing. I did. 

I wanted to learn to act. I did. 

I wanted to learn improvisational comedy. I did. 

I wanted to learn to dance. (This space intentionally left blank)

I have been successful at more things than I expected, and now perform and teach improvisational comedy, singing, musical theater technique, and have begun a new career as a public speaker. I’d use the term, “motivational,” as my intent is indeed to motivate, but it’s not my place to say who leaves motivated and who does not. I do what I can. What I can do is offer my experience, having been a performer for thirty years, an autism mom for ten, and a human being who finds being jaded a waste of precious time. I use my unique and varied skill set to pass this on to my audiences and my students. I do what I can. 

I love doing what I can.

“Lisa was the perfect opening to our school year.  Her delivery infuses the perfect mixture of humor, lightheartedness and thought provocation. This enables her to genuinely connect with an audience to ensure her message of leaning in and being your genuine self, stayed with our students long after she left the stage.”
— -- Timothy Healy, Dean of Students, Saint Mary's School, Raleigh, NC

Do you need a speaker for your event? Corporate or College, with or without a musical performance, I can tailor my presentation to your needs. 

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