I can turn dread into anticipation when you're required to present a monologue. I say this because most actors hate monologues. I can also make sure you get your laugh.

improv coaching:

do you find yourself glued to the back wall instead of in the scene? do you find yourself standing in one place just talking when you do get onstage? is your team lacking energy? your show stalled? I can reinstate the fun you had when you first started doing improv. that enthusiasm has never left me, and i can pass it onto your team. i can also make sure you get your laugh. 

private voice lessons

beginner or advanced, any style. let's connect your notes to your breath and expand your range. 



"I have had improv training with Lisa, including Don't Just Stand There and found her to be a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. Class exercises are always fun and challenging and laser focused on the skills she is teaching. Lisa's class made me a better Improvisor and I will definitely be doing more training with Lisa. I found Lisa's class on object work, Don't Just Stand There, a wonderful opportunity to discover new ways to bring more object work to my scenes to enrich the worlds I create, give gifts to my scene partner and create a more interesting scene for the audience. I only wish the class was longer because Lisa has so much to share." - Rick C.

"Lisa's enthusiasm, curiosity and sense of humor made taking her class so much fun. As a professional actor and teacher, she offered insights and skills that I had not been exposed to before. She did this without making me feel intimidated about my own level of training.  I had a great time taking her class and left wanting more!" - Jennifer V.


study with me

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